Adopt a Cat!

Interested in adopting a feline? Review the adoption fees, look through the adoptables, and complete an application. 

Everybody loves kittens.  But please remember before adopting that kittens become cats! 



Cats 1 to 5 years old-$90

Cats 6 years and older-$45

These prices are minimum donations requested.

Browse through our adoptable cats. After you find the cat for you, complete the application and we'll contact you!


This little guy about 6 weeks old. He was born outside, and was trapped by a kind lady who brought her to us. He loves to play and cuddle!


Talk about personality, this guy definitely has the best. BF just showed up at our rescue one day. Either he was dropped off, or has a good nose! Either way, we couldn't love him more.


Frankie and Mom




Tiger was trapped, along with many others, in Quakertown. He is almost a year, and has the sweetest temperament.